"I don't want them to set fire": Abandoned vehicles cause problems for the East Baltimore community

2021-12-14 12:30:26 By : Ms. Lotus Taylor

Baltimore-Baltimore police and fire departments continue to investigate an abandoned car fire on the east side of the city.

According to a spokesperson for the fire department, the fire broke out on the 2400 block of Homewood Avenue at around 5:30 on Sunday afternoon.

The fire broke out next to an empty garage. Although there were no reports of injuries or anyone in the truck, neighbors told WMAR-2 News that the truck had been dazzling for months.

"It has been sitting for six months," said a neighbor who didn't want to be on camera. "I have already dialed 311. I am worried that the fire will spread to nearby houses."

Neighbors told WMAR when they called 311 that they hoped that the problem they reported would be resolved in a timely manner. This applies to abandoned vehicles.

Unfortunately, neighbors said that the vehicles involved in the Sunday fire have been stuck with city stickers for three months.

"It has never been towed away," a neighbor said. "We have seen all kinds of things. There were two people in the truck that night."

Valerie Presley lives nearby. She also knows the problems caused by abandoned vehicles. 

Presley said: “Either the mob got into them and overdose, or they got in there and got excited, and then you had to call and someone had to pull them out of the car.”

Unfortunately, arson incidents are nothing new.

"This is not the first time, and it may not be the last," she said.

Presley is one of those who dials 911 when he hears pop music.

"It sounds like a tire has exploded or there is gasoline in the fuel tank," she said.

On Monday, people passing by the burnt shells stopped to look at the dazzling thing.

"We even laughed at it walking down the street," Stephanie Stewart said. "What asked,'What is this thing doing here? Who put it here? What happened?'"

A neighbor shared a home surveillance video in the area where the fire broke out on Sunday. The shared video showed a man walking past a vehicle and then emitting smoke.

It is unclear whether the man is a suspect, but a neighbor said a woman was in the car with him.

He said: "People have taken things out so they can get in."

Such behaviors and activities are exactly what the neighbours say the community does not need. This is why when they ask for city services, they want to be resolved.

"I don't want prostitutes to sleep in it," Presley said. "I don't want addicts to sleep in, nor do I want them to set fire. We want this area to be better. All we can do is ask for help."

WMAR contacted the Baltimore City Department of Transportation to inquire about the 311 call and the trailer. A spokesperson said that the department is investigating the matter and will reply to us. We are working hard to dismantle the truck and seal the burnt structure with wooden boards.

If you have community questions or concerns and you would like Dave Detling David.Detling@WMAR.com to investigate, please send him an email. You can also send news alerts to storyideas@wmar.com. Please provide your name, phone number and problem picture.