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2021-11-25 09:07:02 By : Mr. Soon Lee

In today’s banking industry, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) have enforced safety standards that require the minimum number of cameras and camera resolution in each facility. Often regarded as a resentment fee, video surveillance has always been low on the investment priority list because financial institutions have historically struggled to see the potential return on investment of analog or stand-alone DVR-based surveillance systems. This usually causes the bank to abandon system updates-which ultimately leads to physical and network security issues.

When dealing with bank security issues, it is important to provide security decision makers with as much information as possible about the benefits of migrating from analog to digital systems. One of these benefits is to take advantage of the potential of the Video Management System (VMS). The following are several ways that banks can use their VMS for business operations and security:

Access control of financial institutions In most types of financial institutions, compliance with industry regulations and audit trails are daily activities. When verifying whether the person using the traditional key card is actually the card holder when entering a secure area, it is necessary to link the video system with the transaction of the access control system, such as the area governed by the PCI regulations of the credit card payment processor.

Another option is to use facial recognition, iris scanning, or fingerprint credentials to control access. With the many available integrations between the video management system and physical access control software, banks can easily use video to verify the identity of the cardholder in case the credentials are stolen or copied.

It can also help prevent employee theft, as only managers may be allowed to enter certain areas of the bank. VMS can provide assistance by immediately notifying relevant personnel who requested access, allowing them to confirm or decline in real time.

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