Flock camera system comes to Homewood Police Station-thehomewoodstar.com

2021-11-25 09:08:46 By : Ms. Sha Ma

Photo courtesy of Sheep Security.

Homewood City Council approved the purchase of Flock cameras, as shown in the picture, which is a solar technology that will help the city's police department in criminal investigations.

The Homewood Police Department will soon add another tool to its arsenal to help prevent crime.

The Homewood City Council recently approved the purchase of the Flock camera system, which can capture images from people's license plates and try to identify vehicles.

This product allows the police to search for recorded images of vehicle license plates, parts of license plates, status, body type, vehicle manufacturing, or vehicle color. Sergeant Homewood Police said the product can capture vehicles with or without license plates, as well as vehicles from designated target areas. John Carr said.

Carl said that during the trial period last year, approximately 1 million license plates were scanned and uniquely identified through approximately 3,400 image captures. Carl said the system can be used in a variety of situations, including stolen cars, Amber alerts and missing persons.

He said it also allows the police department to share information with neighboring agencies. He said that almost all police departments in the Birmingham metro area are using it, and there are more than 8,400 community-shared cameras in the United States.

Carl said that Flock is used in Jefferson, Blunt, Kalman, St. Clair, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, and Walker counties, and 19 of the 26 cities in Jefferson County use it.

Carr said the device allows owners to create custom alarms based on their needs.

"During the test last year, the camera was very useful," he said. "For example, we can increase the number of stolen vehicles recovered compared to before the cameras were put into use."

He said these cameras can help police identify suspicious vehicles used in crimes and are often used in major crime investigations.

Carl said that the initial cost of the system in fiscal year 2022 is $13,750, and the annual cost after this year is $12,500.