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2021-11-25 09:20:16 By : Mr. Jerry L

Geneva, November 25, 2021: The International Air Transport Association calls on governments to adopt simple, predictable and practical measures to safely and effectively promote the increase in international travel when borders reopen.

Specifically, IATA urges governments to focus on three key areas:

The newly released policy document outlines the industry's vision for solving complex problems: from restart to recovery: a blueprint for simplifying travel.

"As governments are establishing procedures for reopening borders based on the consensus they reached in the Ministerial Declaration of the ICAO COVID-19 High-level Meeting, the blueprint will help them develop good practices and practical considerations. In the next few In the month, we need to move from a separate border opening to restoring the global air transportation network to reconnect communities and promote economic recovery," said Conrad Clifford, deputy director general of the International Air Transport Association.

The blueprint aims to promote the effective promotion of global connectivity. "As the border reopens, we must develop appropriate processes to safely and effectively manage the increase in international travel. With more than 18 months of pandemic operating experience and traveler feedback, we know to focus on simplicity, predictability, and practicality Sex is essential. This is not the reality today. Governments around the world have implemented more than 100,000 Covid-19-related measures. This complexity is an obstacle to global mobility, and the inconsistency caused by these measures between states has increased This kind of obstacle," Clifford said.

The goal of a simplified health agreement must be a simple, consistent, and predictable agreement. The main recommendations include removing travel barriers (including quarantine and testing) for those who are fully vaccinated with the WHO-approved vaccine, and providing quarantine-free travel for unvaccinated travelers who have a negative antigen test before departure.

These suggestions are supported by traveler’s public opinion research, and the results show that:

Digital solutions for processing health certificates

The management of travel health certificates (vaccinations or test certificates) should be digitalized so that passengers can complete the process in advance so that they can arrive at the airport to prepare for travel. This will facilitate the automatic check-in process and reduce airport queuing and waiting time.

These suggestions are supported by traveler’s public opinion research, and the results show that:

COVID-19 measures are proportional to the level of risk, and the review process continues.

The industry and government have accumulated important and rich experience in COVID-19. With the COVID-19 epidemic, this situation will continue. COVID-19 measures must reflect this growing knowledge, changing risk levels, and social tolerance. Although day-to-day changes to measures can bring unpredictability, which can be counterproductive, they need to be reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis.

These suggestions are supported by traveler’s public opinion research, and the results show that:

“Travel is important. Before the pandemic, the livelihoods of about 88 million people were directly related to aviation. The inability to travel freely by air has affected the quality of life of billions of people. We know that travelers are full of COVID-19 safety measures. Confidence. But they clearly told us that the current travel experience needs to be improved through better information, simpler processing and digital solutions. The ICAO HLCC ministerial declaration is consistent with the G20 and G7 ministerial declarations, confirming the hopes of governments Restoring the social and economic benefits of global mobility. To this end, industry and government must work together with a shared vision of processes that are convenient for travelers, effective for governments, and practical for the industry," Clifford said.

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